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Loftus Empire Magic Collection

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    These sets of tricks are a great way to start your magic collection! Each set contains four (4) different tricks along with instructions on how to complete each!

    View below for the tricks included in each kit:
    #4 - Coin Tray (2 coins placed on a saucer double when poured into a spectator's hand), Money to Water (a dollar bill becomes water), Fortune Cards (a spectator's chosen card is revealed in a magical way), Die Tunnel (a die magically turns over as it passes through a tunnel).

    #6 - My Favorite Rope Tricks (3 ropes of unequal lengths all become the same length), Zig Zag Rope (a magic case cuts and restores a rope), Color Vision (the magician reveals the color on the cube the spectator is thinking of), Drawer Box (small objects placed in this case vanish)

    #7 - Water In The News (water poured into a newspaper vanishes then reappears), Traveling Coins (a coin placed in a ring and covered by a card, vanishes), Dizzy Compass (this wacky compass changes directions in a funny and magical way), Stoplight (colored spots on this paddle magically change three times).

    #10 - Magic Eggs and Scarf (a scarf, shown on both sides, produces several eggs, then the eggs disappear), Floating Paper Clip (a paper clip placed on a playing card magically floats above the card), Magic Water Jug (all the water in a jug is poured out, yet the jug is emptied several more times), Magic Coin Box (a coin dropped into a box magically penetrates thru the magician's hand).

    #11 - Magic Racing Tube (2 different colored beads are dropped into a tube, then a third bead added - magically the third bead exits the tube first), Magic Miracle Dice (five dice are placed into a box with all the same number up - the box is covered and shaken - when opened the dice are now in 1-5 order), Magic Coin Paddle (a paddle is shown with a coin on each side - magically, the coins vanish and reappear), Magic Beads Illusion (3 beads are threaded on 2 strings - magically all the beads escape the strings).

    #12 - Magic Crystal Box (a ball vanishes from a clear box in a very magical way), Magic Rattle Bars (the magician shows three bars, one rattles, two don't - spectators cannot keep track of the rattling bar), Magic Melting Coin (a coin is slid into a box and a sword is pushed through the coin - the sword is removed and the coin is unharmed), Magic Cups & Balls (balls magically vanish, appear and multiply under three cups, then a surprise finish).

    Collect one or all of them today! You'll be ready for your show in no time!

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