Thanks for your interest in working at Zeezo's! We hire for Seasonal Halloween positions August-September.

If you’re interested in applying with us for a seasonal position, please click the download button, print the application, fill it out and return it to us in person at Zeezo’s. Blank applications are also available in-store. You do not need to turn the application into a manager. Applicants are welcome to attach a resumé or any other pertinent information. 

Seasonal Associate Job Description
Accountable to: Store Management and year-round employees
Seasonal associates are expected to...

  • Read and comply with policies outlined in the associate manual.
  • Provide grade A, top-notch customer service so every customer leaves the store with a positive feeling.
  • Read the schedule correctly, arrive on time, clock in and out accurately, and communicate in a timely manner with management directly regarding scheduling and availability changes.
  • Maintain a full awareness of store needs and communicate with coworkers regarding store coverage.
  • Know the break schedule and go to break at the scheduled time unless otherwise instructed.
  • Annihilate store clutter, organize, clean, and make sure the store looks its shiniest, spiffiest best.
  • Complete the opening and closing checklists in full, every day, as a team.
  • Greet customers as they enter the store.
  • Maintain an appropriate level of productivity within the shift crew. Hold coworkers accountable for pulling their weight.
  • Any concerns regarding coworker productivity and attentiveness that can not be solved by an associate on the floor or is repetitive in nature should be communicated to management as outlined in the manual.
  • Stay updated with store memos and to-do lists.
  • Check in with management before starting ambiguous projects for direction or when finishing larger projects for feedback.
  • Update management when the store is running low on any supplies.
  • Maintain an awareness of general staff morale; communicate potential issues and suggestions to fellow staff and management as needed.
  • Assist customers in reaching product.
  • Assist customers in trying on product, including wigs, following all of the guidelines outlined in the associate manual.
  • Display and backstock product as directed. Check in with year-round staff or management on more complex merchandising tasks.
  • Communicate ideas and suggestions to coworkers and to management.
  • Leave electronic notes and communicate verbally to update coworkers on the status of projects.
  • Accurately and efficiently handle, price, and display product as directed while remaining accessible to customers.
  • Track and communicate inventory or tag discrepancies to the appropriate staff member.
  • Display a sense of camaraderie.
  • Restock items as directed.
  • Encourage customers to visit our website, Facebook, and Instagram. Encourage them to tag pictures, leave reviews, and join our mailing list.
  • Create store displays and signage as directed.
  • Ensure that customer service is directed toward the specific needs of the customer.
  • Refer discount requests to management without implying in any form whether the request will be approved or denied. Seasonal staff may let customers know that we do not offer a military discount as outlined in the manual.
  • Coordinate with management to take special orders for a customer.
  • Answer the phone within three rings.
  • Dress in costume as outlined in the associate manual.
  • Ring through sales.
  • Know how to check item inventory using the computer terminals. Act accordingly.
  • Refer returns to year-round staff or management as outlined in the manual.
  • Process rental contracts in all stages of the Zeezo’s rental process.
  • Work with year-round rental staff and management in cleaning and piecing together rentals as directed.
  • Create a positive interaction with the customer.

Job descriptions may be amended as deemed necessary or helpful with collaboration between year-round associates and management staff.

Sound like a good fit? Print out the app here!


Holiday Hours (October 1st- October 31st):

Monday - Sunday: 9:00am-9:00pm