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Wig 101

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Wigs are a fun and easy way to change your appearance whenever you want! The world of wigs can seem intimidating, but in reality, wigs are easy to use and care for with just a little bit of guidance. In this post, we'll look at what you can expect whenever you receive your wig, how to wear your wig, as well as care and storage instructions.


Your wig will arrive to you in one of three ways: in a snap shut thick plastic bag, in a cardboard lined thick plastic bag, or in a cardboard box. Your wig will come wrapped in a hair net. This helps lock in the style and protect the hair fibers during transport. It is recommended that you hang on to this piece for later use.

Shipping may cause wigs to lose a bit of volume or become tangled. We suggest giving it a little shake and fluff with your hands to restore volume. Tangles can be removed with a wide toothed metal comb.

Wig Care

Simple wig care is the best way to extend to the life of your product. 

Your wig will be made of one of the following, synthetic hair, human hair, or a human hair blend. Synthetic Hair comes in two (2) makes, one is a polypropylene fiber and the other is a modacrylic fiber. Polypropylene wigs tend to have a lower price tag and offer a shinier final product. These are great as limited use wigs, such as with a Halloween costume. Modacrylic wigs tend to be priced higher as they are softer while maintaining a stronger and more resillent fiber. Modacrylic wigs will easily return to their original style and require limited maintance. Human hair wigs will hold the highest price tag, but offer the ability to be restyled with any styling tools. Best canidates for a Human Hair wig are customers who are comfortable with wigs and enjoy having many style choices with one product. Human Hair Blends offer a mixture of Human and Synthetic hair. These offer the best characteristics of each. The style can be changed easily and the wig requires minimal care to keep looking great.

We suggest using only metal tools when working with your wig. Metal boasts the ability to protect wig while helping to reduce frizz. A wide toothed comb or special Wig brush is recommended. A light detangler can be used if the wig has stubborn knots.  Always start at the ends of the hair to remove knots and work back towards the top to help reduce hair loss. It is important to work slowly when brushing or combing out your wig.  Unless specifically stated, synthetic hair wigs will not tolerate heat tools of any sort.

Wigs can be washed every 6-8 wears to extend the life. Washing more often is not needed. Your wig will need to be completely de-tangled prior to washing. We suggest using a basin of cool clean water with a mild detergent added to it. Just dip and swish your wig through it, then rinse from the top down in cool water. No need to scrub, wring, or squeeze the wig. Once washed, you will want to let your product air dry. Do not style, comb, or brush the wig until it is completely dry.

If you have purchased a Curly or Lace Front wig, we will have specific posts on their special care requirements.  

Wig Wear

Wearing your wig is the best part of the process!

A wig cap can be used with any wig to add comfort and to keep long hair out of the way during wear. If you decided to wear a cap, you'll want to position it evenly with the front of your natural hairline. Hold there and pull to secure at the nape of the neck.

Once your cap is in place, you can put on the wig!

During this step, it is important to keep your wig right side up with your hands on the interior cap of the piece, not the hair. Pull it over your head from the back.

Once the front of the wig is in place, hold it there with one hand and use the other to pull the rest of the piece into place.

Some wigs come with adjustable straps in the back, which can be adjusted before or after you have the piece on for a snug fit. Your wig should feel secure when on, but not overly tight. Removal of the wig is the reversal of putting it on.


When you're done with your wig, you'll want to store it correctly. We suggest keeping the hair net that the wig comes packaged with to wrap around it when its not in use.

You can get a wig form or Styrofoam head to place your wig on when not in use. Conversely, you can also use the original packaging or a tupper ware container, as long as you can store the wig flat.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wigs! With a little patience and care, your new product will last you for many seasons to come! If you have specific questions on a wig, Zeezo's staffs wig specialists who will be more than happy to help you! You can always find us here at or come up to the shop and we'll give you a demo on whatever you'd like to know!

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