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Zeezo’s specializes in Rentals year-round. We have over 800 styles of high quality costumes available for rent. This blog post will outline how the process works and has a handy copy of the contract we have all renters sign for you to read through at your leisure!


  • How does the Zeezo's rental process work?
    • Our rentals are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Once a costume is reserved and the rental fee is paid, it will be held under your name until it is picked up on the designated date.
  • How long is a standard Zeezo's rental period?
    • Our rental period gives you a day to pick up the costume, a day to use it, and a day to return it. For example, if you need your costume on a Saturday, you can pick it up on Friday and return it on Sunday. You may return or pick up rentals any time during business hours.  

      If you would like a longer rental period, please speak with an associate.

  • May I cancel my Zeezo's rental?
    • Once a rental is reserved, it is final.

  • What if there’s a crazy snowstorm from nowhere and/or a volcano eruption and I can’t get to the store to pick up or return my costume?
    • Please call us in the case of inclement weather and we will do our best to accommodate you. We would rather you be safe.

  • What if I lose part of the costume or spill an exorbitant amount of taco sauce on it?
    • If pieces to your costume are lost or damaged, you will be responsible for the replacement cost. If the piece is irreplaceable, you may be charged for the replacement of the entire costume minus the original rental fee.

  • Can I reserve my rental online? 
    • Currently rentals are only set up for in store reservation and pick up.  We are in the process of bringing an online process to you soon!  

  • Do I need to wash my rental costume before I bring it back? 
    • Zeezo's specializes in making sure our costumes are professionally cleaned, repaired, and sanitized upon their return, so there is no need for you to worry!  We'll get it clean and good as new before it goes back out, we promise!

The Contract

  • I am at least 18 years of age and possess a government issued ID and valid credit card in my name.

  • I understand that in the event that Zeezo's costumes are not returned, returned late, or in a damaged state, Zeezo's may charge me a fee up to the purchase price of the rental costume or forward my information to a collection agency. I am responsible for any legal fees incurred by debt collection.

  • Any costume not returned within 72 hours after the return date may be considered stolen. At that time, I will be subject to replacement fees.

  • I understand I must pay for my Zeezo's Rental at this time using a credit card for at least $1 of the rental fee. The remainder of the fee may be paid using cash, credit, Zeezo's gift card, or commercial check.

  • Once this contract is signed and paid, rental reservations are final. We accept no cancellations and will issue no refunds.  

  • I understand that by signing this contract that I have read the agreement in its entirety. I agree to abide by all terms and conditions set forth in this document. I agree to pay the above amount in according to card issuer agreement. 

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact us at 719.633.2571 or e-mail us at  

Our Rental catalog can be found here:

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