​Mardi Gras. Carnivale. Fat Tuesday.

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The carnival celebration of the year! A rip roaring good time here in the states, with deep historic roots tied to New Orleans. What exactly is Mardi Gras here in Colorado Springs, and what is it to Zeezos and our community? First before diving into our local history, let's look at what is Mardi Gras!

The very first American Mardi Gras was actually celebrated in Mobile, Alabama, at the time known as "Fort Louis de la Louisiane" in 1703. New Orleans was established in 1718, and Mardi Gras soon followed. Originally celebrated as a high society type affair, Mardi Gras didn't wear it's Carnival mask that we know until 1781. Finally by the late 1830s Mardi Gras started to grow into the Carnival we know of today, including Parades, "Throws", Costumes, King of The Carnival, and more! In 1875, the "Mardi Gras Act," was signed making Fat Tuesday a legal holiday in Louisiana, as it still stands to this day!

In 2016 here in Colorado we bring the history and spirit of Mardi Gras alive! From Manitou Springs to Breckenridge, we like to celebrate heartily. Celebrate Fat Tuesday your way. Join a Cajun cook off, or enjoy the spectacle of The Carnivale Parade in Manitou Springs, CO; February 6th 2016. Or party all weekend in Steamboat Springs for free concerts, parades and Cajun BBQ; February 6th-9th 2016. If you're unable to cut loose for Mardi Gras, the party continues in Breckenridge for similar affair the weekend after; February 17th 2016.

How ever you like to have fun celebrating this French-American tradition, there seems to be something for everyone during the upcoming February 2016.

Remember to make the most of the party and grab your Mardi Gras Products and Fun here at Zeezos and Zeezos.com before heading out to Carnivale!

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